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Hi there, welcome to my website! I'm Natalie. I was a UX Design intern at USA TODAY NETWORK and now a UX researcher in the Intelligent Assistive Machine Lab at the University of Maryland.

I'm proficient in synthesizing research findings, creating diagrams as user flows, information architecture, and iterating designs through rapid prototyping based on usability findings.

I'm the voice of User. I design solutions solving user needs in a way that connects to business goals.

As a fashion merchandiser-turned-designer, how did I start my journey? 

I love learning new things, designs then apply them to solve problems. Before I switched to the world of HCI, I was a fashion merchandiser. Over the course of six years reviewing and conducting designed-related changes on garments, I developed a designer’s mindset and a sharp eye for human needs, eg if the zipper is long enough for people to easily take off the dress? If the neck width is larger enough for them to put it on? Have we considered the shrinkage of the fabrics? In the meantime, if the changes we made are workable for the factory to produce the bulk? Does the option that we provide hit the clients' target price and delivery?  

For every design decision that I made, I had to consider the wearers, the manufacturers, and the clients. Sounds familiar? Yes, I have started the product thinking a long time ago, and I just switched my products from apparel to digital ones; I shifted from inch-perfect to pixel-perfect design.

I believe that at the core of design thinking is humans. I learned to look at problems through empathy and collaboration based on how people behave, which resonated with UX design process. That's how my UX journey begins. : )


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The process of apparel design is resonated with human-centered design. 

As a UX & Product designer, I wish I.. 

I'm passionate about creating delightful user experience and elegant user interface. Currently, I'm trying to push my design forward to embed high accessibility and inclusive design principles. I'm convinced that with a thoughtful process, I can bring meaningful impacts to the world and to the underserved audience.

Also a foodie, bubble tea addict, traveler, volleyball-lover, doodler and netflixholic. Wanna talk about the new design trends, or which show you're binge-watching now? Drop me an email! or you can find me on Linkedin and Dribbble. Le'ts have a bubble tea chat! :)

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